Aloe Barbadensis

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A common question circulating the internet is what is Aloe Vera? Aloe Vera is a plant that is grown typically in warm and tropical climates. The plant has been used for many, many years in a variety of different ways, such as for use on a burn to help cool the burn down or used consumed internally to help detox the body from the inside out. It is said that the Egyptians called Aloe Vera the ‘medicine plant’ and also it is said that the famous Queen Cleopatra used Aloe Vera daily to moisturize her skin.

Different species of Aloe

Aloe Barbadensis
Aloe Barbadensis in Africa

So far in the world, there have been many different species of Aloe plants found. To give you an idea of just how many, there are over 400 different species of Aloe Plant. Some of these Aloe plants are quite similar but many are completely different. Different in shape, size and colour. The majority of the Aloe plants, however, look similar in terms of, being a shade of green in colour, having razor sharp-edged leaves and being around the same size when fully matured. As previously mentioned Aloe Vera plants grow particularly in warm and tropical climates. I have personally seen them growing by themselves, free in the wild in the Canary Islands. The people on the Canary Islands cannot get enough of Aloe Vera. They love it, and this is probably why there Aloe Vera growing on every second street. Another yet much more far away country I have seen Aloe plants grow is in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I just didn’t expect to find this beautiful plant growing here.

Aloe Barbadensis

The species that is typically more popular to people is the Aloe Barbadensis species. This is more than likely due to the fantastic health benefits that this specific species of Aloe offers. Aloe Barbadensis is the species that is known as the ‘medicine plant’ and also known as True Aloe. It is the transparent gel inside the Aloe leaf that is the part of the Aloe plant that offers so much to its user. You can simply cut a leaf of the plant apply the gel directly to where you may need, but the best thing is the Aloe plant will grow another leaf. Obviously, if you cut too much off at one time then the Aloe Barbadensis plant could die and that wouldn’t be very good.

Why you should have Aloe Barbadensis in your house

I’m going to tell you about a few reasons why not only you but everybody should have an Aloe Barbadensis plant in their home. Firstly because of its amazing Aloe gel. Keeping one of these in the kitchen could help in times of an accidental burn or even a cut. Simply break a leaf and apply the gel directly on to the wound. Obviously, if the wound is serious then go and see a doctor but if it is minor the Aloe gel will help reduce scarring and keep the wound clean.

Aloe Barbadensis

Another great reason and probably my favourite, and that is that Aloe Vera is one of 50 plants that has was researched by NASA to see if the plant can purify the air. This test came back positive which is unbelievable. Which leads me on to saying that everybody should have an Aloe Vera plant in each bedroom in their home. Doing this the Aloe plant will naturally absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen making our air cleaner as we sleep at night.

Lastly, following on from the reason above this will result in a good nights sleep. Due to clean, fresh air and sleeping well you will wake up each day feeling fresh and energetic, ready for the days challenges that lay awaiting you. Some other great reasons to have an Aloe plant in your house can be found here.

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