Aloe Vera sore throat

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By now you should know it is no secret that you can use Aloe Vera internally. The Aloe Vera plant is the gift of nature, and it can help with so many ailments that it is actually kind of shocking and hard to believe. Aloe Vera sore throat remedies are a real thing and here is how you can use Aloe Vera to soothe your sore throat.

Aloe Vera drinks

One of the ways you can soothe your sore throat and promote quick healing is to use an Aloe Vera drink. This is not a fast way to use Aloe Vera sore throat remedies, but it does work. The Aloe will soothe the ache on the way down while smoothly reducing some inflammation. The only thing is it is only working while you are actually drinking it because it does not stay on the affected area for long. Once you begin to digest the Aloe Vera it gets into your system and the Aloe goodness will begin to work on any problem areas if finds in your body.

Aloe Vera Jelly

Aloe Vera sore throat

Using Aloe Vera jelly as an Aloe Vera sore throat is a quick and powerful way to help ease that throat pain. The gel is pure Aloe Vera concentrate and so it is strong and begins to work quickly. The Aloe Vera jelly is thick and takes longer to make its way down the oesophagus, meaning it sticks to that sore area for longer, providing more relief from the pain. You can simply put it on a teaspoon and swallow it like you would any other medication. Click here to learn more about the Aloe Vera Jelly or to buy.

Aloe Vera ice cubes

Aloe Vera sore throat

Another trick is to make Aloe Vera ice cubes. There are numerous ways to make these, and numerous ways to use these that can help with a sore throat.

Aloe Vera jelly ice cubes

You can use Aloe Vera gel to make powerful, pain-killing ice cubes. You would simply squirt the Aloe Vera jelly out of its tube into ice cube trays and pop it in the freezer. Voila, nice and simple Aloe ice cubes.

Pure Aloe Vera ice cubes

If you want to go back to basics then you can make these ice cubes from the Aloe Vera barbadensis plant.

How to use Aloe Vera sore throat ice cubes

Aloe Vera sore throat

There are a few ways you can use ice cubes to soothe a sore throat, although they are obvious I will explain them anyway.

In drinks

Simply add ice cubes to your regular drinks and sip away. You will slowly get the benefit of the Aloe Vera without the taste being too overpowering.

Suck on the cubes

To get a quicker result you can just put the ice cube in your mouth and suck on it. The cold will also act as a soothing agent, but the Aloe taste will be a little stronger.

Variations to Aloe Vera ice cubes

Aloe Vera sore throat

There are ways you can change up the ice cube idea to make it more fun for kids, more enjoyable or to make it last longer. Here are some nice ideas on how to do that.

Freeze a bottle of Aloe Vera

This does not need to be pure Aloe Vera, but freezing some Aloe and water means you have a longer lasting ice cube. You can take the bottle out with you to work, for a jog, or simply to the sofa and know it will stay cold a lot longer than regular ice cubes.

Add fruits inside the cubes

To make the ice cubes more flavourful you can consider adding pieces of fruit inside them before you freeze them. This can help make the flavour more enjoyable and make them more fun for kids too.

Aloe ice lolly

Remeber when you were younger you used to freeze up squash and make your own ice lollies?! How fun was that. This is a nice way to create an Aloe pop so it is more enjoyable, and more likely to be eaten, for kids. This is a great and fun way to get Aloe into their system to begin fighting that painful throat.

Do you have any other Aloe Vera sore throat tricks?

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