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Aloe Vera has often been nicknamed “The Burn Plant” – and with good reason. Aloe Vera has shown time and time again that it is a natural soother, burn relief and also promotes quick healing of problematic burns. Here are the reasons you need to have Aloe Vera as an ingredient in your sunburn gel.

sunburn gel
Using a good Aloe Vera suncare can help avoid sunburn in the first place

The 10 reasons you need Aloe Vera in your sunburn gel

1. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests using Aloe Vera sun gel or lotion on sunburn. Using an Aloe Vera concentrate sunburn gel is much more effective than local anaesthetic lotions which can cause skin irritations.

2. Aloe Vera has been shown to reduce inflammation. Since sunburn it hot, red and inflamed this means that Aloe Vera can directly help to reduce inflammation in the area of the burn and reduce that throb-like feeling inflammation causes.

3. Hot sun rays can also dry out the skin. Using an Aloe Vera sunburn gel can help to restore some of the moisture your skin loses in prolonged sun exposure.

4. An Aloe Vera after sun lotion is going to have very minimal side effects. Some other sunburn gel products, such the local anaesthetic creams may cause irritation and more pain. Aloe Vera after sun lotion products are not going to have this effect, they are more of a natural after sun lotion which is gentle and healing to the skin.

sunburn gel
A good Aloe Vera creme will have alive Aloe inside

5. A good quality Aloe Vera creme such as the Aloe Vera jelly, also known as “Gelly” is going to be the closest thing to a newly snapped Aloe Vera leaf that you can get. The Aloe Vera in the Aloe Vera jelly is stabilised, meaning it is alive and far more powerful than the Aloe Vera in any other Aloe Vera creme product on the market.

6. Aloe Vera cream is very natural. It is a natural plant and if you choose the Aloe Vera jelly you are buying a tube of nothing but pure Aloe Vera gel. There are no additives and this means this natural sunburn gel can be applied multiple times per day without a limit. Keep using it as often as you want to soothe that burn. Click here to find out more about the Aloe Vera Jelly (Gelly).

7. Aloe Vera creme not only soothes a burn, but it promotes the healing of it too. This kind of Aloe Vera after sun lotion is a two for one deal: you get the soothing and you get your burns healing much quicker than they would without Aloe Vera.

8. You can use an Aloe Vera spray instead of a sunburn gel if they burn is really bad. This stops you having to touch and irritate the burnt skin while still getting the Aloe Vera on the skin to start the healing process. We suggest trying the Aloe First spray. Click here to find out more about the Aloe First Aloe Vera spray.

9. You can choose between a pure Aloe Vera creme gel like the Aloe Vera Gelly, or you can go for an Aloe Vera Lotion which can also work as a natural after sun lotion. Check out more of our Aloe Lotion range here. Using a lotion means you are also moisturising the skin and adding vitamins – one product, multiple uses.

sunburn gel
Use an Aloe Vera gel or lotion for sunburn

10. Because of the moisturising properties of Aloe Vera using an Aloe Vera creme can stop the nasty process of the peeling skin caused by sunburn. Keep your natural tan longer, looking for fresh and feeling more moisturised than ever before by using Aloe sun products.

What is the best Aloe Vera gel for sunburn?

Absolutely every single time I choose the Aloe Vera jelly (also known as Aloe Vera Gelly.) I love the fact that the Aloe Vera inside it is alive, it is harvested in the best way possible to keep the Aloe strong as if it was just picked. This means the skin is kept more moisturised than with any other version of Aloe infused sunburn gel. Whether you use Aloe Vera cream, Aloe Vera spray or something else, getting your Aloe sun products from Forever Living ensures you are using the most valuable Aloe Vera on the planet.

Our recommendations

Aloe Vera sunburn gel

sunburn gel

Always go for the Aloe Vera Jelly (Gelly.) This guarantees you are buying the most potent and strong Aloe Vera there is on the market. This little gem should be in everyone’s travel bag, changing bag and bathroom cabinet because besides sunburn it has many uses such as sore throats, cut, bruises, insect bites, cold sores and much more. Click here to learn more or buy.

Aloe Vera after sun spray

sunburn gel

Our absolute favourite Aloe Vera spray is the Aloe First. This bottle of magic has so many uses, including protecting and healing from the sun, keeping the skin safe when exposed to chlorine, it protects the hair aswell as the skin and helps soothe skin irritations. It helps to re-moisturise the skin after sun exposure too. This makes it much more value-for-money than other Aloe Vera spray products we have seen available. Click here to learn more or buy.

Aloe Vera creme

Aloe Vera lotion

Aloe Vera creme or Aloe Vera cream is also used as an aftersun lotion. The amount of Aloe Vera in a lotion is much less than in the Aloe Vera Jelly so of course, the lotion will not soothe or heal the skin as quickly, though it will do it. The bonus of Aloe Vera cream is that it can also be used as a daily moisturiser meaning you can reduce the number of products you need for one job. Click here to learn more or buy.

Which is the best Aloe Vera gel for YOU?

There is an endless number of Aloe Vera sun products on the market. Do your research before you buy, but I am sure you will learn just as I did that Forever Living offer the best ones. This is of course due to the way they harvest and stabilise the Aloe Vera they use. Which Aloe sun cream is best for you? Well, that is up to you to decide, but we hope this information helped in the process.

Why you need Aloe Vera in your sunburn gel | aloe lotion | aloe vera jelly | aloe sun | aloe vera sun | aloe vera creme
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Why you need Aloe Vera in your sunburn gel | aloe lotion | aloe vera jelly | aloe sun | aloe vera sun | aloe vera creme
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