remedies for tan skin

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At the time of summer, a lot of people worry about tan skin problems. Afterwards getting expose for hours in sun you may have some light and dark lines or stripes ahead of your body.

The UV (Ultra Violet) Rays coming out from sun encourages the creation of melanin in the physique that then tans skin. So, after getting your skin tanned it’s not as simple and easy to get back your skin as it was before, but with proper concern and calmness, it can be accomplished.

I don’t believe cosmetic products can adequately cure, so instead of paying out on cosmetic products, check and try out some home remedies for tan skin. Here are some best home remedies for tan skin which can illuminate the tanned skin colour.

Below are the Best Home Remedies For Tan Skin :


remedies for tan skin

The most excellent solution for tan skin is the utilization of regular potato. It is one of the best remedies out of home remedies for tan skin. Just take around three average sized potatoes as a sequence. Take out the outer cover or peel the potato and make a paste with the help of a juicer or mixer. Now bestow the paste or mixture on the tanned skin area. Then let it work for about 30 minutes and then wash the skin with normal water. To get improved results just mix or add a few juice drops of lemon to the paste.


Gram Flour is very beneficial for healing of sun tanned skin. You can simply buy the Gram Flour powder attainable in the shops or directly prepare a mixture of full green gram.  Now take some water and mix it with the Gram Flour powder and apply it over the tanned skin. Wash your skin at once after 20 minutes with regular water. For superior outcome apply rose water rather than the common water. You will observe improved skin hue or appearance along with organic skin blush or glow. You can also add some amount of yoghurt mixture and lime extract. You should abide by this solution for around two times a week to get better outcomes.


One of the utmost calmers for tanned skin is already present in the home – Yogurt. It can be utilized for treatment of sun tanned skin. Yogurt is known as one of the persuasive home remedies for tan skin, and furthermore to decrease some redness and constrict openings of the skin. Just take some yoghurt and assign it to skin every day before going in the bath. To get improved results just add some juice of a tomato and lime extract.


remedies for tan skin

Organic Milk is also used for treating the skin affected by sun. Just take little quantity of organic milk in a concave container and mix a drop of lemon extract and turmeric. Now assign this mixture to the affected skin. Now beyond any doubt wash skin with normal water. You will find immediate relaxation from the sun kissed skin.


Lemon is abundant and helpful for healing sun tanned skin exactly to endemic whiten possessions. Easily assign little lemon extract or juice to the skin and grant it to arid properly and then wash it with normal water. Additionally, you can mix some sugar also with it to get improved outcomes. Sugar is a superior clarifying performer. Accord the cure for three times a week to get instant outcomes.

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