Is Marijuana Good

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Is Marijuana Good or Bad For You?

It is not incorrect to say that the use or addiction of marijuana is not only bad for the individual who becomes a drug addict, but it also poses significant risks to the society he or she lives in. Research shows that marijuana has the potential to cause problems in daily life. A recent survey was conducted on 129 college students who were found smoking marijuana and drugs within the last 30 days; it was found that using drugs affected their critical thinking, reasoning, memory, learning and attention skills. These drug addict students were critically under the threat of having a bleak future in education and career; students who are using marijuana had over 55% more accidents as compared to other students.

The cannabis intoxication studies which are being conducted in different countries of the world including Australia, Canada, and the United States. The fact is that marijuana is a dangerous drug for health and mind if taken for leisure or pleasure. Students who feel a peer pressure to take and try drugs in their young ages do not accept that marijuana is dangerous if it is not taken with the advice of doctor only for medical purposes.

Marijuana effects when it is abused

The effects of the marijuana drug wear off but it is hard. The immediate effect is devastating, and people find it hard to quit taking drugs without four weeks of training. The grades of students suffer due to smoking the marijuana drug, and they hardly show any interest in sports or extracurricular activities in college as compared to other students. The profits made by the drug dealers encourage them to sell the deadly drug to students in huge quantities all over the world; the drug smuggling is being controlled by the United States and Mexico by making new legislation and giving more powers to the police authorities.

Is Marijuana Good

The above facts prove that using marijuana as a drug for pleasure creates social and moral problems for the students or individuals who suffer great consequences due to not listening to their parents. The pregnant woman also suffers, due to which their reproduction is affected by drug use. It is for all these reasons the use of marijuana is strictly illegal in all states due to its dangerous effects. Only the medical marijuana is allowed to be taken with the doctor’s advice. The patients who have the low chance of getting healed or cured by deadly diseases like cancer or lung diseases can get many benefits by using marijuana as the medical drug.

Growing it in Canada

Growing marijuana in Canada is perfectly legal if it is intended for the right cause – to help the humanity instead of abusing the society with drug addiction. The medical marijuana can be grown in homes with easy methods. Licence to grow is a professional firm that specializes in several methods of growing the legalized drug at home for families and businessmen. To get the most effective advice and guidance regarding the successful growth of medical marijuana plant at home, call the right people working at Licence to grow and make your contribution to society. Medical marijuana holds dozens of benefits when it is used for the right reason.

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