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Did you know that every piece of plastic we have ever made still exists? Sounds so obvious after you hear it one time. Our Aloe Vera drinks are absolutely the best thing on the market, but they do come in big plastic cartons that do not have a lot of uses once you Aloe Vera drink is gone. Here are some ideas on how you can up-cycle your Aloe Vera drink cartons.

Use them to store water

How often do you hear that we should be drinking more water? Using these big jugs was one of my favourite ways to know I was getting enough back home. I would fill them up, refrigerate them and cart them around them around the house with me to make sure I was getting enough water every day. They are nice and big so last a while, but they also are small enough to carry around easily. The cap meant it was hard to spill it.

Pre-mix Aloe Vera drinks

Leading on from the above, drinking more water, you can use your Aloe Vera drink cartons to pre-mix the next Aloe Vera drink to save you time. I often did this in Scotland and found it was much easier to have my next drink ready to go if I was in a rush. This guaranteed I was going to have it when I needed it.

Turn them into plant pots

One of my most favourite things I have seen done with the Aloe Vera drink cartons is having the top cut off them to make them into plant pots. These are the perfect size to hold household plants nd the plastic is thick enough to keep a nice plant-pot shape. The plastic is also able to be pierced so you can put holes in the bottom so that water can be drained out of them.

Move and shake with them

You could use the cartons as an addition to your workouts. Consider adding something heavy in them to make them like weights. Heck, if you want to go all out why not put cement inside so they are heavy enough to use regularly in your workouts. Use them like weights to train your arms or add them to a dance routine to burn some extra calories.

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Make music

This one is more for little kids but one great idea is to add dry rice inside the cartons, only enough to cover the bottom and use them as rattles. These musical cartons are totally transformed into something fun and exciting for toddlers to enjoy.

Recycle them

This one is obvious but if you do not want to be creative with your Aloe Vera drink cartons then recycle them responsibly. Put them into a proper plastic waste bin so that they do not cause any harm to the environment.

Aloe Vera drink cartons

Use them to grow veg

I often saw my Mum using up he glasses to regrow veggies from roots (like celery.) She could have freed up here drinking glasses by using recycled Aloe Vera drink cartons as the pots to hold the water which encourages veggie scraps to regrow roots so they can be planted in the soil.

Make Aloe Vera drink cartons coasters

Cut out squares of the Aloe Vera drink cartons to make Aloe Vera themed drink coasters.

Make bird feeders

By tieing a string around the cap and then screwing the cap back on you have a way to hang up the bottle. All you need to do now is to cut out a square big enough to house a small bird and you have an Aloe Vera bird home and bird feeder. Add some bird seeds and tie it up in the garden and the birds will come flocking in to check out your Aloe home.

Make a desk organiser

Again, cut the top off of the Aloe Vera drink carton to reveal an open space. Clean the inside thoroughly and wipe it dry. You now have somewhere to store your calculator, pens and stapler.

Use them for crafts

This is probably most likely to appeal to parents but you can use the empty cartons for kids crafts. Let them paint it, glue things to it, draw on it with markers – whatever you can imagine. Maybe you do not have kids but you know of local clubs or schools who might use them for crafts – great! Hand them in so someone can have fun with them.

Aloe Vera drink cartons

Make a tealight holder

Carve that Aloe Vera drink carton like a pumpkin, baby! Get your craft head on and create something that will glow out something spectacular and beautiful on to your walls.

Make a spare change tray

Cut the bottle down to only around 1.5cm-2cm tall. You now have the perfect tray to hold spare change and small bits and bobs you need to access quickly.

Have I given you enough ideas on how to use your Aloe Vera drink cartons yet?

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