Whole food plant based diet

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Some people may never have even heard of a whole food plant-based diet. However, there will be others out there who will disagree with the diet and say that people will then have a protein deficiency. This is a myth and only a myth due to being untrue. If you look at the biggest and strongest mammals on our planet, they all have a whole food plant-based diet. Us as human beings are the only species on this planet that cook our food, no other species does that.

What is a whole food plant based diet?

A whole food plant based diet is the healthiest diet around today. The diet consists of eating four groups of foods. These are fruit, vegetables, whole grain and beans, and pulses. This diet also contains no animal or dairy products. Human beings can get everything they need from nutrients and vitamins through a whole food plant based diet with the one exception of not a lot of vitamin B12.

Whole-food plant based diet

Vitamin B12 comes from soil, and the way we currently get vitamin B12 just now is through eating animal meat, however, eating animal meat comes a whole lot of bad stuff with it but I will go on a bit more about that later. It has been advised by many leading doctors in the world, who have taken the time to learn about nutrition, to take a vitamin B12 supplement if you are on a whole food plant based diet.

Why we should not eat animal related products

There is a lot of saturated fat in animal meat. Animal meat also increases cholesterol levels, therefore ultimately leading to potential heart disease. Now I’m not saying if you eat animal meat on a one of you will get heart disease but studies and scientific research has been completed and proven, and the outcome was that if you eat animal meat as a regular part of the human diet, we are more likely to contract a chronic disease like heart disease. Here you can see the New York Times best seller ‘ How Not To Die ‘ by Dr Michael Greger, which explains how we can treat chronic diseases with nutrition. This isn’t just animal meat though, this is animal related products, so fish, dairy and animal meat. With our oceans getting more and more polluted, the fish right from the smallest to the biggest all have bad bacteria that have come from eating other smaller contaminated fish.

Whole-food plant based diet

So not only are we as humans becoming more and more prone to contracting a chronic disease which sadly more often than not claims peoples lives prematurely due to a lack of knowledge about nutrition, we are also destroying and killing our planet. The biggest contributor to greenhouse gases on this planet is the animal industry. The animal industry releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the whole transport industry combined. This really is astonishing. Scientists believe that if we stop using fuel to drive our cars we will make a difference to saving our planet but let me ask you something. If you were in a sinking boat with a few smaller holes or a larger hole, which would you fix first? Ofcourse you would fix the larger hole, so why are we as the human race not stopping using the animal industry which would prevent the leading cause of carbon dioxide, it would prevent us from chopping down and claiming the Amazon rainforest for land for grazing animals and lastly would stop the mass genocide of living creatures.

I say genocide because that’s exactly what it is. Eating these animals is not a necessity to live, therefore it is a choice, and companies choose to kill these innocent animals, who are intelligent and who have feelings. It really really is sad.

Why everyone should be eating a whole food plant based diet

Everyone should absolutely be eating a whole food plant based diet. Not only is this the healthiest diet out there today, it can save people a lot of money but most importantly, eating a whole food plant based diet can save peoples lives. In many cases, people who have had a chronic disease and have to take a lot of regular medication, eating a whole food plant based diet has managed to really slow down the disease but also do something that no medication can and that is reverse some chronic diseases. I am not just saying this, this is fact and there have been many cases of this, especially in the United States of America.

Whole-food plant based diet

The whole big problem with people not eating a whole food plant based diet is due to a serious lack of knowledge and also because there is no money to be made in educating people on how to make their bodies healthier and how to prevent developing chronic diseases. Companies make a lot of money due to people buying and taking medication, but if people were educated that if they just eat a more healthier diet (whole food plant based diet) they wouldn’t need to take medication, therefore big companies losing out on a lot of money.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying a whole food plant based diet is the cure to all diseases, however, research shows it does help make us all become a lot more healthy. If you are thinking about trying a whole food plant based diet then check out or buy you vitamin B12 supplements here.


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