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Who we are

Hi, we are the Meldrums and we’d like to welcome you the Aloe Vera Guide! Here you will learn everything about this wonderful plant and how it benefits both beauty and health. We will also explain why we decided to sell FLP Aloe Vera and why we love it so much.

We travel full-time and have found the addition of Aloe Vera products to our everyday life make it a lot simpler. Aloe Vera is in our skincare routine, in our medical kit and even in our personal care products. You can find out which personal care products we think make gifts for travellers here.

We are a very fair skinned family, this means we often get burnt by the sun. Some of my oldest memories of Aloe Vera include rubbing it on the burnt skin to soothe the pain and promote quick healing of the burns. We are now more aware of what types of Aloe Vera are the best (hint – the answer is the Aloe Vera Barbadensis plant) and so we have teamed up with a very reputable company to promote and sell their products through our own online store. We decided to sell the Forever Living brand (FLP Aloe Vera) because of their great reputation. They are the best Aloe Vera of America but actually sell globally in almost every country of the world.

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How Smart Use Of Aloe Vera Products Can Benefit Your Health

The aloe vera plant is very versatile.

It is well known as an oral remedy for digestive complaints. When Travis was very young he had severe acid reflux, we used Forever Aloe Vera drinking gel to combat the severe acid attacks he was experiencing. Before discovering FLP Aloe Vera Travis was taking a mix of medications which never made any difference. He was taking a special formula milk that was very thick to try to keep it in his stomach longer. This formula caused severe constipation and store stomachs for our little guy and it was really hard to watch.

This is when we discovered FLP Aloe Vera. We heard about the pure Aloe gel drinks and began to research which would be the best Aloe Vera gel for him. We decided to give the Aloe Berry Nectar drinking gel because we heard it was the best Aloe Vera gel for kids because it had more of a fruity flavour. Within a few days of beginning to drink this pure Aloe gel Travis was able to poop properly, was being less sick and was sleeping better.

I also suffer from an on-going chronic digestive problem which causes me severe abdominal pain if I eat or drink anything that my system isn’t fond of. I began to drink the pure Aloe gel along with Travis and noticed changes in my digestive patterns too. I was in much less pain and was beginning to lose some of the extra weight I had been struggling to lose for a while now. Over the last few years before discovering FLP Aloe Vera, I had tried all sorts of medications and different diets, some prescribed my doctor, or over the counter remedies but none of them worked.

The moment I feel any symptoms of my problem arising, I take some of the Aloe Vera concentrate mixed with water and the symptoms go away again. You can also drink this every day as more of a preventative measure if you have a more severe condition but I do not need to do this.

Since discovering the FLP Aloe Vera drinks we have moved on to other products like the Aloe Vera Gelly, the lip balms and the sun care products. We also have a great connection with the essential oils which we use regularly on our travels.

Ready to learn more?

If you would like to get any further information about Aloe Vera and how it might be able to improve your digestion, skin problems or any other issues you may have, please contact us for a private consultation and we will be delighted to provide you with more detail regarding the many different uses this plant can be put to.