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Aloe Vera Cream Recipes: Easy Method To Make Within 30 Min.

Aloe Vera Cream Recipes Have Various uses Over Skin. During Winter Season We Often Face The Problem Of Dryness Of Skin.

face cream recipe

I Have given Step By Step Process Of How To Make Aloe Vera cream Recipes.

Cream is Intended For Application To Skin Or Mucous Membrane.(Over Face)

People Makes Cream because it is less greasy and easier to apply.

The Cool Feeling Due to Water Evaporation Causes cool Effect Over Skin Surface. And Cream Does Not Interfere With Body Function.

I Have given Step By Step Process Of How To Make Aloe Vera cream Recipes.

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homemade face cream for wrinkles

Aloe Gel Formed In Inner Parenchyma Cells Of The Leaf, Is Slightly Viscous And Clear Liquid.

During Collection Its Not Contaminated By Aloe Juice. Such Gel Has Topical Therapeutic Applications And Also Cosmetics Product.

Aloe Gel IS Externally Use In Ointments Creams To Assist Healing OF Wounds, Burns, Eczema And In Psoriasis also.

Various Uses Of Aloe Vera Cream Recipes:

  • Aloe Vera Have Good Moisturizing Property.
  • Have Anti-inflammatory Property As Well.
  • It Help In Removal Of Dead Tissue.
  • Aloe Vera Has Anti-wrinkle Property.
  • Aloe Vera cream Useful In Acne.

Ingredients Requirement :-

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Aloe Gel You Can Get At Home If You Have Aloe Plant.Otherwise You Can Buy Aloe Gel Online.


Quantity Given (gm)

Quantity Given (ounce)

1.Bees Wax



2.Coconut Oil



3.Jajoba oil

25 g











Total :-100g cream Will be Prepared You Can Make It As Per Your Quantity.

Stepwise Compounding Method Of Aloe Vera Cream Recipes :-

diy face cream without beeswax

 This is Beeswax-Borax Type Preparation Borax,Help To Produce Soft Soap And Help To Make Cream Smoot Texture.

During Preparation Heated Watery Part Is Added To Oily Part Which Result In Clump Formation.


1.Melt Beeswax Pastilles, coconut Oil And Jojoba oil In Order OF Increase Their Temprature same.

homemade face cream with coconut oil


2.Dissolve Borax In Water At 750C.Filter Required(Use Thermometer If Required).


3.Add aqueous Part To Oily Part With Continuous  Stirring.

aloe vera face mask at home

4.Cool With Stirring To Room Temperature.


5.Use Blender Add Aloe Vera Gel Into The Mixture .

how to make face cream with aloe vera


6.Add Perfume According To Your Choice I Used lavender or geranium (Essential Oils)


7.Transfer The Cream To The Container. Use Spatula If Required.

whipped face cream recipe


Tip: Add Aloe Vera Juice When Aqueous And Oily Phase Complete Cool To Get Maximum Result And Don’t Add Aloe Vera Juice.

-:Uses Of Aloe Vera Cream Recipes:-

  1. This Cream Is Used By All Types Of Skin Texture And People. Apply Small Layer OF This Cream To The Face OF Hands And You Get Moisturizing Effect.
  2. The Coconut Oil Is Used As Reducing Dehydration Of Face And Hands.
  3. Jojoba Oil Is Used For Smoothening of Skin. I IS Most Popular Cosmetic Oil Now Days.
  4. Coconut Oil And Jojoba Oil Are Natural And Dosent Produce Any Kind OF Allergic Reaction To The People Or Any Type OF Skin Texture.
  5. Usage Of Coconut Oil,Jajoba Oil And Aloe Vera Produce Various Effect Coconut Oil Moisturizes Skin,Jajoba Oil Produce Occlusive effect And With Aloe Vera It Acts As Humectant.
  6. Humectant Means it Draw Water From Atmosphere. And Produces Smoothing Effect Over Skin.
  7. This Cream Has Shelf Life Of Near About 3-4 Months.
  8. I Have Made This Cream For Home Made Purpose Only Any large Scale Production On This Formula is Not tested.
  9. On This Blog We Have Some Home Made Aloe Vera Recipes Which You Can Enjoy.

-:Container and Storage OF Aloe Vera Gel Recipes

  1. In Addition To Wide Mouth Glass Or Plastic Containers, Cream Can Be Packed In Collapsible Tubes Also. Cream Should Be Kelp In Cool Temperature Between 2 to 8 degree.

-:Observation And Evaluation OF Cream:-

  1. 1.Appearance Of The Cream Should Be White or which colorful agent added In Color.

    2.Fragrance Of The Cream Should Smell Like lavender Or Whatever Essential Oil You Add In This.

    3.Consistency Of The Cream Feel Smooth And Fine. 4.Cream Should Not Be Sticky And Washability-Less Than 5 Seconds

    If Above Criteria Cream Follows Then We Say That Cream Is Quality Approved.

-:What Is Compounding Of Creams:-

    • Creams Consist OF Oil Phase And Aqueous Phase And Emulsifying Agent.
    • The Oil Phase (oils, fats, waxes)Should Be Mixed In Its Liquid Form With Water In Presence Of Emulsifying Agent.
    • The Emulsification Is Only Possible When Two Immiscible phases are liquid.
    • Creams Are Prepared by Fusion Method.
    • Usually Internal Phase Is Added In External Phase but When Phase Inversion Is Desired, external Phase Can Be Incorporated In Internal Phase.

Suggestion:- Give Suggestions Below Commenting And Make Changes IF You Feel That Has To Be Changed In Aloe Vera Cream Recipes.

-:About Me:-

The Author Of Article  is a Pharmacy Technician And Working Experience of 7 Years In Dosage Form Preparation.

All Dosage Form Preparation On Home Made Lab Scale And Industrial Also.

I Have Good Knowledge Of Dosage Forms And its Preparation Procedure.

I Wants To share My Knowledge With You So That People Can Make All Dosage Forms According To Their Choice And Flavor.

This Site Special Attention Given To Aloe Vera Plant Seeing Its vast Medicinal And Therapeutic Uses.

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