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Aloe Vera Recipes -7 Most Lovable And Easy To Make Within Seconds

The aloe vera recipes I have included here incorporate the use of the aloe vera concentrate product that I normally mix in my daily water intake.

However, although it has a tangy zesty flavor, it is by no means overpowering and I have found that I can mix it in with the meal replacement shakes I use to control my body fat and weight issues. I call them my yummy aloe smoothies.

I do not add the aloe to all of the shakes, but as the aloe concentrate aids my digestion and soothes my sensitive stomach I prefer to include it. I have found that it adds a really cheeky zing to my meal.

You will see that I refer to using servings of various flavors of meal replacement formula; this a particular product that I personally choose to use.

However, I am sure the recipes could work with other meal replacement products, just ensure that whatever product is chosen, that it is of a high nutritional but low-calorie content.

I use my blender to make the shakes to ensure I get a lovely smoothie type shake, thus the label of, yummy aloe smoothies.

I sometimes also put 3-4 cubes of ice into the blender as well for a really delicious and satisfying meal.

Aloe Vera Recipes – Breakfast Warmer

1 Serving chocolate flavour meal replacement formula .. 92 cals

3 Prunes …55 cals

2 Tablespoons of oat bran ….52 cals

250ml Warmed soy milk …120 cals

15-20ml aloe vera concentrate (optional)

Total calories …319 cals

Aloe Vera Recipes – Quick Fix

1 Serving cappuccino flavour meal replacement formula …92 cals

250ml unsweetned orange juice ….90 cals

3 Dried apricots …20 cals

15-20ml aloe vera concentrate (optional)

Total calories … 202cals

Aloe Vera Recipes – Big Breakfast

1 Serving cappuccino flavour meal replacement formula …92 cals

150 Bio yoghurt …130cals

2 Tablespoons oat bran ….52 cals

100ml Semi-skimmed milk ….50 cals

30g Corn flakes …. 108cals

15-20ml aloe vera concentrate (optional)

Total calories … 432cals

Aloe-Vera-Recipes – Fresh N Fruity

1 Serving vanilla flavour meal replacement formula …92 cals

100g (3slices)pineapple …77 cals

3 Dried apricots … 20 cals

100ml unsweetned orange juice … 36 cals

15-20ml aloe vera concentrate (optional)

150ml Water

Total calories … 225cals

Aloe-Vera Recipes – Healthy and Heavenly

1 Serving low calorie vanilla protein mix …110 cals

1 Serving strawberry flavour meal replacement formula …92 cals

30gms low fat cream cheese … 57 cals

15-20ml aloe vera concentrate (optional)

125ml Water

Total calories …. 259 cals.

Aloe Recipes – Chocolate and Banana

1 serve chocolate flavoured meal replacement formula …92 cals

1 serve protein powder … 22 cals

15mls of aloe vera concentrate (optional)

250ml skim milk, low fat chocolate milk or soya milk … 120 cals

1/2—1 banana … 110 cals

Total Calories …. 344 cals

Finally, here is one of my favourite desserts, made with the chocolate meal replacement formula:

Aloe Recipes – Chocolate Mousse

2 servings of chocolate meal replacement formula …92 cals

2 egg whites … 30 cals

100mls of semi-skimmed milk … 50 cals

1 Small tin of pears …88 cals (optional) Blend all ingredients well, pour into a suitable container(s) then leave overnight in the fridge. Favourite fruit can be used to garnish. Serves 2 -Tastes great – and only 352 calories! 176 calories each.

The aloe vera recipes I have listed above are just a few examples of the recipes I have encountered and collected over the last couple of years. I have quite a collection and enjoy the variety and healthy choices they provide me with daily.

The aloe vera concentrate has been a great help in alleviating my painful stomach problems and the shakes have made it possible for me to drop from size 18 to size 10/12 and to keep my newly regained shape on a long term basis.



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