use aloe vera gel

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When I was a child, I remember that my grandmother always had an aloe plant around her. I found it a little strange, not as pretty as most of the plants that my mother had at home, and I never understood why I thought not only one but more of these thorny plants without flowers or pretty leaves were needed. Before I became interested in health, natural medicine, and natural lifestyles 10 years ago, the idea of using a plant to heal the body made no sense. But like most plants, aloe has many benefits and has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of health problems. It is also very easy to grow at home and is an easy-care houseplant for simple “emergencies” or skin needs.

use aloe vera gel

You may have seen Aloe Vera gels and juices at health fruits stores that you can buy and that is made from the gel in the leaves of the Aloe plant. While you can use them if you wish, the leaves of the plant are very easy to use at home and are also much cheaper. If you already have an Aloe plant, just take a ripe leaf, cut it lengthwise and remove the gel from one of the leaves. The gel is essentially the healing part of the plant.

Your First Step:

Break a leaf from the Aloe Vera plant as close to the stem as possible. Lay the blame on a cutting board and cut both ends so that you can see the gel between layers of hard skin.

Your Next Step:

In addition, cut the thorny edges of the blade. You should have a layer of thick gel stuck between the two sides of your skin.

Third Step:

Hold the blade firmly on top of the skin with one hand while carefully slicing a sharp knife between the top layer of skin and the underlying gel. Leave the Aloe skin aside.

Step Four:

Flip the Aloe gel and slip a knife between the gel and the other piece of skin to separate the two. If it is uncomfortable, put the aloe with the skin and push your knife with a firm grip on the skin in this alignment between the skin and the gel. Set aside this piece of skin. You should keep a piece of Aloe gel transparent and almost translucent.

And the Last Step:

Mix the aloe gel as part of a shake or gently rub the moist part of the aloe skin for sunburn or other mild irritation to moisturize and soothe. This reduces waste because it uses the gel that has remained in the skin of the leaf, but you can also apply the pure gel-felt that you have extracted on the skin. If you use Aloe topically, it may look vicious, but do not clean it or rinse it. Instead, soak it in your skin.

Things you need

• Cutting board

• Sharp knife


• According to the University of Michigan Health System, topical use of Aloe gel is generally considered safe, although, in severe burns or wounds, Aloe gel can prevent healing.


• Never apply Aloe to an open wound. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, taking Aloe Vera gel can interact internally with diuretics, hydrocortisone, and some diabetes medications. Consult your doctor before taking Aloe internally if you are taking any of these medications.

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use aloe vera gel

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