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It is not always easy to encourage children to have a healthy and balanced diet. Here are ten tips that will help you create / develop healthy eating habits during your child’s childhood.

10. Take Breakfast

Having breakfast, even if it is only a piece of fruit and a glass of milk, is a good way to start the day and ensure an energetic balance throughout the day. If you can get your children into the habit of having a good breakfast during his childhood, you will hardly lose this good habit in the future.

9. Choosing Healthy Snacks

When they feel hungry between the main meals, they will easily look for foods like brittle potatoes or crackers, which are not always the healthiest. These foods are, as a rule, highly caloric and nutrient-poor. Try to keep your pantry or fridge full of healthy snacks, such as fresh fruits, unsalted nuts, and natural yogurts. Why not making a diet chart with all the vegetables with your son?

8. Drink water

Make Your Children Eat Healthier

Make water the drink of choice and reserve juices and soft drinks for special occasions. Whenever your child is thirsty, offer him water instead of sugary drinks.

7. Create a home garden

Make Your Children Eat Healthier

Having a small garden at home can be a fun way to teach the younger ones to know the source of the food they eat. It will also encourage them to make a more diverse diet. They will probably have more desire and curiosity to consume the broccoli or carrots they helped plant. Lack of space to create a home garden should not be an obstacle. If you do not have a garden with the appropriate space to create a garden, you can choose to use vases. Obviously in the vases you will not be able to grow all the food you would grow in a garden, but you can choose something simpler, such as herbs.

6. Make family meals

It’s tempting to dine with the television on, snack on the desk or eat a snack while leaving the house and going to work. If you can encourage your children to eat regular meals at the table and in family, you can not only reduce your intake of snacks (pastries, salty or sweet), but also promote important social values.

5. Have fun in the kitchen

By knowing the various cooking techniques, children are more likely to become more adventurous consumers. Offer them their own aprons and let them intervene in the small kitchen tasks. As they grow and become more confident, let them cook dinner once a week. If you think this can be synonymous with disaster in the kitchen, why not enroll them in cooking classes during the holidays?

4. Eat slowly

Eating slowly is a great way to control body weight. It’s a great way to show children that the stomach is full, it takes about 20 minutes to reach the brain. As much as we want our children to finish their meals in a few minutes, instead of taking several hours, it is much more important that they learn to eat slowly and chew food properly.

3. Be Creative

Make Your Children Eat Healthier

All colors present in food and vegetables come from natural substances that have beneficial effects on our body. Different colors have different effects, so it is good to consume throughout the day a wide variety of foods with different colors. By offering your children a full meal of color, with different fruits and seeds or vegetables with fun shapes, it makes them happier and more enthusiastic.

2. Know when to stop

Although children are born with the ability to finish their meals when they feel satisfied, it can often be difficult for parents to understand when they have consumed the right foods and in sufficient quantities. Teaching children to listen to the signals emitted by their stomach and asking them when they feel full or if they may feel sick when they consume large amounts of cookies can give them the opportunity to develop the ability to feel full.

1. Do not give up

Researchers show that most infants and children need to experiment seven to ten times before they feel comfortable and happy. So do not feel afraid to introduce new and more flavors to your children’s food. A good tactic for getting your kids to eat a wide variety of foods is to tell them that trying new foods is a sign that they are growing. Or, take them shopping and let them choose a new and healthy food to introduce to a dish that they consume at home and that they like.

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